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New XNU source release

A new XNU release appeared at:

What’s not there:

  • Tunables for Apple Firestorm/Icestorm.
  • Hypervisor support for Apple Silicon-based Macs doesn’t seem to be there and Rosetta support
  • …and some parts of the source code.
  • AMX support is not present either

The shiny new things:

  • Apart from tunables, support for A14/M1.
  • Look at the SETUP directory inside of the image…

We now have libT8020.os.DEVELOPMENT.a, libT8020.os.RELEASE.a, libT8101.os.DEVELOPMENT.a and libT8101.os.RELEASE.a.

So what does libT8101.os.DEVELOPMENT.a contain?

 % file *
IOUnifiedAddressTranslator.cpo: LLVM bitcode, wrapper
__.SYMDEF SORTED:               data
gxf_exceptions.o:               Mach-O 64-bit object arm64e
locore.o:                       Mach-O 64-bit object arm64e
machine_routines_apple.o:       LLVM bitcode, wrapper
machine_routines_asm.o:         Mach-O 64-bit object arm64e
machine_routines_sprr.o:        LLVM bitcode, wrapper
nvmeppl.o:                      LLVM bitcode, wrapper
pcb.o:                          LLVM bitcode, wrapper
pinst.o:                        Mach-O 64-bit object arm64e
pmap.o:                         LLVM bitcode, wrapper
sart.o:                         LLVM bitcode, wrapper
start.o:                        Mach-O 64-bit object arm64e
t8020dart.o:                    LLVM bitcode, wrapper
uat.o:                          LLVM bitcode, wrapper
uat_ppl_handoff.o:              LLVM bitcode, wrapper

PPL support is there instead of being present in the source code.

Given that GXF uses Apple-only instructions, source code wouldn’t be buildable on its own. It’d be a good idea however to give source code access to it too. (and also some other misc security stuff)

Even if it would not be compilable without internal tools.

Same request for Skywalk code too, to have a fully featured macOS kernel build if possible.

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