Linux for Tegra kernel patches

Linux for Tegra today still ships with a Linux 4.9 kernel version.

At, an L4T-derived kernel with patches to build with the most recent compilers is available.

At the branch “public” of, some backports that might interest others were done (because I had to…):

  • AArch64 KVM: cntpct_el0 access fixes
  • AArch64 KVM: user-mode interrupt controller support (kernel-irqchip=off)
  • AArch64 KVM: report non-ISV data aborts to user-space
  • (not a backport, patch from Aleph Research) AArch64 KVM: report IDSR accesses to user-space. This allows to run Darwin.
  • SMMU: Typo fix to be able to build kernel with 48-bit VA space
  • BFQ patchset for Linux 4.9

How to build (from a Jetson system w/ L4T installed, I embed tegra19x_xusb_firmware inside the kernel, so you’ll have to copy that to /lib/firmware otherwise):

git clone -b public
cd linux-tegra-4.9
gunzip t194_config.gz
mv t194_config .config
make -j8

And then you can follow your preferred way to install, through editing /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf on your primary partition.

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