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checkra1n/toolchain: targeting Linux and Windows

For checkra1n, we have some non-trivial requirements for the build infrastructure.

One of them is that checkra1n must be buildable on both Linux and macOS including that Linux and Windows versions of checkra1n must be buildable from macOS.

The toolchain repository must also be easily downloaded and use the compilers from the host. That means using Apple’s clang when targeting Linux or Windows.

As Apple doesn’t ship lld and llvm-rc in the CLT, versions of those are included in the repository.

The version released today targets:

  • Windows on x86 and x86_64 using mingw-w64
  • Linux on 32-bit Arm (ARMv5 and up), 64-bit Arm, 32-bit x86 (i486 and later) and 64-bit x86 using the musl C library

For setting the chosen architecture, the TARGET_TRIPLET environment variable can be used.

This repository is now available for download at

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