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PCIe quirks on Arm systems w/ ACPI

Taking a look at the list of platforms which have quirks in drivers/acpi/pci_mcfg.c for Arm today:

  • AWS Graviton
  • Qualcomm QDF2432
  • HiSilicon HIP05/06/07
  • Cavium ThunderX
  • X-Gene v1
  • X-Gene v2
  • Ampere Altra (released this year!)

What’s missing here? Any SoC for a platform present at a lower price point. And on why, read .

It’s obvious in this case that Arm non-server platforms are *not* cared about, and this is perfectly nonsensical if the goal is to actually support those!

And no, this platform is too new isn’t an excuse when even the Altra, which only became available this year requires a PCIe erratum workaround. (notwithstanding the fact that Tegra Xavier platforms became available for purchase in 2018)

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