What is AMD ROCm?

AMD ROCm is a GPGPU compute solution exposing two APIs: OpenCL and HIP. OpenCL and its upsides and downsides are more well-known, so I’ll focus on what HIP is in this blog post. What is HIP? HIP is a wholesale clone of the CUDA APIs, including the driver, runtime and libraries’ APIs. That’s not a… Continue reading What is AMD ROCm?

State of the GPU compute APIs today

NVIDIA: Pioneer of the field, mature toolkits. Still evolving quickly, especially for higher-level APIs. Every GPU that NVIDIA sells supports CUDA. The HPC SDK, formerly known as PGI, which is Linux only today, adds support for OpenACC, C++ standard parallelism (stdpar) and OpenMP (support currently in beta). One of the downsides on NVIDIA’s HPC SDK… Continue reading State of the GPU compute APIs today